What is file with suffix .ODT?

What is file with suffix .ODT?

This file suffix .ODT is mostly associated with those descriptions:

> odt_auto_file (50%)
> odtfile (5%)
> Текстовый документ OpenDocument (2%)
> Texto de Open Office (10%)
> Texto de OpenDocument (5%)
> OpenDocument - Testo (2%)
> OpenDocument Text (15%)
> Texto OpenDocument (7%)

Other file suffixes beginning with O:

o o{c ob! obe obi obj obml obpack obs obskin obt obv oc oc_ oca ocx od odb odc odf odg odg# odh odm odp ods odt# odt3 oem oex of7 off ofs ogg ogm ogv ogx okhy okmadrid olb old ols om om- oma omf omod omx one onecache onetoc2 onurs oo4o opa opc opd opdownload opf opi opj opml opr01q3n ops opt opx ora ord orf org org-23 org) ori orig original os os2 osc osd osdx osf osi osm osp ost otb otbm otf otm otp ots ott out outline ov ov2 ovl ovolog ovpn ows oxt oya04020 oze

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Most popular file suffixes:

Note about the file suffixes

File suffix is a file system feature of Windows (and other) operating systems. The idea is based on this: last three or more letters of the file name can determine the purpose of the file. The file suffix is most typically denominated by a dot (.) character. For example, the file suffix ".doc" is widelly used for text documents, created by some office application. Propably the most popular text processing application is Microsoft Word.

Another popular file suffixes are listed above on this page.

If you'll find on your computer the file suffixt you don't know, don't panic.
There is a bunch of uncommon suffixes, used by operating system itself or some system programs. Simply try to fing information on this pages - there are created for your help :) !