What is file with suffix .ASPX?

What is file with suffix .ASPX?

This file suffix .ASPX is mostly associated with those descriptions:

> aspx_auto_file (67%)
> ASP.NET Server Page (33%)

Other file suffixes beginning with A:

a a 2010    ¯^[ š1 » ç- é)y é* îzp ćx/ °  °sn ±! ¬&( ¦ y ¦)- ¦· ä ¢ ¢db a00 a04 üdl a2theme ³ a3d a3g a42k3s a5281010 a5r aa aaa aaaaaa aaauu aac aae aardv2 aas aax abc abf abk abm abr abs abs_ absm abt abw ac ac_ ac$ ac3 aca acb accda accdb accde accdr accdt acd ace acf acg acl acm acp acrodata acs acs2 acsm act action actm acv ad_ ad_prt ada adb adc6 add addr adf adh adm admap admini~1 adml admx adp adpp adpreset adr adsm adt adx aes256 aex afa afp afs agl agr ahk ai aia aif aiff aii ainf0000 aip air ais aiv ajp akuaa al1w7 al8 alahafeg alb alg all aln alp alx alz am am4 ama amb amc amcp amd aml amm amr amt amu amv amxx amz an_ an1 ani anic anim anlhf annot ans antifr antifrag anv anydvd anydvdhd ºa aoi ap apd ape apf api apk apl apln apm app apr aps apw apx aq1 aqg ar ar arabic arc arj ark arn aromat art art) arw arx as as_ asa asc ascx asd ase asec asf asf[1] ashbak ashdisc ashlang ashprj ashx asi asm asp aspx1 asr ass ast asv asw aswcs asx asx[1] atc atf atg ath atn att00001 att00009 attach atz au au3 auc aup autoreg autosave av avastlic avb avc avd avery avi avi_ avi_1 avi_2 avi-2 avi5 avj avl avm avp avr avrolayout avs avsi avz aw awb awd aws aww ax ax_ axd axe axp axt axv axx ayh az! azz

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Most popular file suffixes:

Note about the file suffixes

File suffix is a file system feature of Windows (and other) operating systems. The idea is based on this: last three or more letters of the file name can determine the purpose of the file. The file suffix is most typically denominated by a dot (.) character. For example, the file suffix ".doc" is widelly used for text documents, created by some office application. Propably the most popular text processing application is Microsoft Word.

Another popular file suffixes are listed above on this page.

If you'll find on your computer the file suffixt you don't know, don't panic.
There is a bunch of uncommon suffixes, used by operating system itself or some system programs. Simply try to fing information on this pages - there are created for your help :) !